Monday, 12 February 2018

Gatwick and Luton Enjoy Busiest January

TH0USANDS of Brits travelling Stateside and to "European cities last month resulted in the busiest ever January for Gatwick and Luton, the airports said today.

The former welcomed 2.8 million passengers last month, up 1.4% from a year earlier while the J tóagtda 3.6% rise to one million customers.

Gatwick was boosted by a surge in trips to the US, with New York, Boston and Fort Lauderdale among the most popular destinations. Flight across Atlantic are set to increases further, with the launch of new routes to Austin and Chicago.

Boss Stewart Wingate, who wants the Government to back his bid for expansion instead of, or in addition to, rival Heathrow's plan, said: "We stand ready to build our financeable and deliverable second runway scheme for the country. "

At London Luton, where a £150 million redevelopment is underway, passengers flocked to Amsterdam and Bucharest in January. The airport's larger terminal building will open later this year. 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Christmas Holidays Travel Delays Expected On Roads

The Christmas holidays travel is under route with an expected 1.3 million drivers taking to the streets on Thursday in an offer to stay away from "Wild eyed Friday".

Drivers flying out to go through the christmas family vacation or even with friends were cautioned to expect long postponements.

The most exceedingly bad sticks on Thursday will be on the M6 southbound amongst Merseyside and Staffordshire, with hold ups anticipated to achieve four hours and 21 minutes, as per traffic info provider Inrix.

Different hotspots incorporate the M3 westward in Surrey and the M74 southbound from Glasgow to Hamilton.

Excursions are set to be significantly slower on Friday as the remainder of the year's worker activity conflicts with the Christmas escape, in the midst of a rail strike.

The RAC anticipates that activity will crest in the vicinity of 1600 and 2000 on Friday.

Inrix information demonstrates that the most exceedingly terrible non-mischance activity blackspot on the Friday before Christmas 2016 was the A303 at Stonehenge.

There were tailbacks for seven miles when congestion at the infamous bottleneck crested soon after 1800 on December 23, 2016.

Inrix boss financial analyst Dr Graham Cookson stated: "Drivers would be well advised to take alternative routes or avoid driving during peak times altogether."

RAC activity representative Rod Dennis included: “Things tend to get worse on the last working day before Christmas, with ‘Frantic Friday’ this year falling on the 22 December 2016. “We strongly urge drivers planning long journeys to avoid this day if they possibly can.”

The RAC gauges that 11.5 million relaxation outings will be made via auto between December 17 and Christmas Eve, however this will be obscured by the 17.5 million occurring between Christmas Day and New Year's Day as individuals exploit post-Christmas deals at shops.

Very nearly 400 miles of roadworks will be lifted by Highways England to ease ventures.

The "roadworks ban" will be set up on motorways and major A streets from 1800 on Friday until 0001 on January 2.

A strike by rail specialists on Virgin Trains on Friday will see a lessened timetable in operation, which could drive more passengers to travel on already congested streets.

Approximately 260 building ventures on the railroad will likewise upset voyages.

Huge Britain's travellers mainline routes will be incompletely closed as Network Rail completes its greatest ever Christmas speculation program.

Extraordinary Western Railway is encouraging travelers to finish travels by Saturday "at the most latest" as London Paddington will be shut between Christmas Eve and December 27.

The West Coast fundamental line will be end between Preston and Lancaster from Christmas Eve to December 27, with buses replacing trains.

Travelers going amongst London and Glasgow amid this time are encouraged to go by means of Edinburgh, adding around a hour to ventures.

Southeastern, which serves London, Kent and East Sussex, won't have the capacity to run trains to London Bridge, Charing Cross and Cannon Street amongst Saturday and January 1, 2018.

Network  Rail CEO Mark Carne stated: “We know that our railway is up to 50% quieter than usual during the festive period so taking on and delivering these huge transformational schemes at this time of year minimises our impact on passengers.”

Coach operator National Express is running its biggest ever Christmas schedule to take care of expanded demand from scratch areas, for example, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Leeds, Edinburgh, Portsmouth, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester.

Airplane terminals, ports and global train stations will be extraordinarily occupied with more than 4.5 million individuals heading abroad finished Christmas and the new year.

Travel trade organisation Abta prompted individuals to leave additional opportunity to get their flight, trains or ships.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Busiest Times on UK Roads: Revealed Top 10 Most Delayed Routes

Top 10 most delayed routes Revealed ahead of expected Travel chaos this Weekend

The top 10 most delayed routes have been revealed ahead of what is said to be one of the busiest times on UK roads, as the summer holidays draw to an end.

Traffic information supplier Inrix has published the worst locations which it expects to be clogged up this weekend, as well as the expected amount of extra journey duration compared with free-flowing traffic.

Unsurprisingly, routes such as the M25 and M6 both appear prominently on the list, with journeys on the M25 clockwise between junction 14 and 24 estimated to take 3.3 times longer today and Saturday.

Popular holiday locations in Devon and Cornwall, the Lake District and East Anglia loom large, as families rush back home for the start of the school year.

Inrix has revealed the data alongside the days it expects the roads to be the most congested.
Inrix chief economist Graham Cookson said: "All good things must come to an end. Sadly for most, the end of the summer holidays heralds a return to work, school and traffic.

"Holidaymakers hoping to make the most of the remaining few days should be aware that traffic will be worst on Monday afternoon and evening."

He also urged drivers to consider alternative routes, and said that the fastest route may not always be the shortest distance.

Below is the list of the 10 expected worst routes over the weekend, with the day and extra journey duration, compared with normal free-flowing traffic.

  1. M25 clockwise (J14-J24) – Today – 3.3 times longer
  2. M25 clockwise (J14-J24) – Saturday – 3.3 times longer
  3. M6 southbound (J20-J11A) – Monday – 2.8 times longer
  4. M23 northbound (J11-J8) – Saturday/Sunday – 2.8 times longer
  5. M6 northbound (J11A-J20) – Monday – 2.7 times longer
  6. M6 northbound (J29-J15) – Today – 2.5 times longer
  7. M5 northbound (J29-J15) – Monday – 2.2 times longer
  8. M4 eastbound (J32-J47) – Today – 2.1 times longer
  9. A11 westbound Norwich to Thetford – Monday – 2.0 times longer Advertisement
  10. A66 westbound Scotch Corner to Penrith – Monday – 1.9 times longer 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

London-bound Travellers stranded in Greece

EasyJet has apologized to many British travelers who were left stranded on a Greek island for two days on account of principles ensuring jeopardized turtles.

Around 180 travelers were stuck in Zante after a London-bound easyJet flight was crossed out on Sunday because of a specialized blame.

Engineers were not able fix the issue on Monday and a substitution flying machine couldn't be sent because of a night time limitation govern at the air terminal, which is supposedly set up to protect the island's loggerhead turtles from lights and clamor.

Most of the travelers were left stranded on the island until Tuesday.

A representative for the aircraft stated: "The safety of our travelers and team is ourhighest priority and we will only operate it it is safe to do so".

"We all possible to attempt and minisise delays and as such planned to send a replacement aircraft.

"Unfortunately, due to the night curew rule at the airport, we aere unable to get the replacement aircraft into the airport yesterday. The flight departed Zante and arrived at London Gatwick today.

"We are very sorry for the delay and thank customers for their understanding."

Various travelers influenced by the interruption communicated outrage via social networking media.

Rebecca Clark tweeted easyJet on Monday asking:"Can you let us know what's going on? Day two stuck at Zante airport. Now replacement flight isn't going. No staff coming to see us!"

One traveler composed on Twitter: "Families stuck in zakynthos for two days. No easyjet help, no accommodation, families tired and hungry."

EasyJet said travelers influenced by the deferrals will be qualified for pay.

Monday, 22 May 2017

What The Hook On Your Airplane Tray Table Is For?

So THAT'S What The Hook On Your Airplane Tray Table Is For?

Turns out airline tray tables can carry more than just food crumbs and germs. That little hook attached to some tray table knobs is actually a coat hook, Lifehacker points out.

Of course, it works for hanging items like earphones and sweaters, too. On some plane seats, you’ll find the coat hook next to your tray table or on the side of the seat instead. Others don’t have a hook at all, sadly.

Whether or not a plane has a coat hook is a matter of airline preference. You see, airlines order their planes from manufacturers like Boeing, then customize the interiors with the help of companies like Rockwell Collins, which manufactures airplane seats.

Indeed, that tray table hook is “a coat hook option that some airlines take” when designing their cabins, a spokeswoman for Rockwell Collins told HuffPost.

The more you know.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Extreme Turbulence Leaves Passengers Needing Surgery

Extreme turbulence leaves passengers needing surgery people were injured and some needed surgery for fractures after their flight encountered "severe turbulence".

The Boeing 777 flight from Moscow to Bangkok got into difficulty 40 minutes before landing in the Thai capital, according to Russian airline Aeroflot. Among the injured were 24 Russian nationals and three Thai. One passenger reported broken noses and babies "covered in bruises", while adding "several people have probably broken their spines".

 A video shared online by the passenger shows people lying injured between aisles, with luggage and food spread around the cabin. After the plane safely landed, 15 Russian passengers were sent to a hospital for treatment, three of whom have had operations. "All the injured were sent to a local hospital with injuries of a different kind of severity, mainly fractures and bruises," the Russian embassy in Thailand said, without giving further details on the injuries.

 "The reasons behind the injures was that some of the passengers had not had their seatbelts fastened." The airline, which described the turbulence as "severe", said it had not been possible for the crew to warn passengers of the danger because weather conditions were clear. "Numerous air pockets one hour before landing led to broken bones, internal and external bleeding,"

wrote Evgenia Zibrova, the passenger who posted the video online. "Lots of people from the tail cabin have broken their noses, several people have probably broken their spines. Babies are covered in bruises, people lost consciousness," she added. "Thanks that we are still alive. Aeroflot, please help these people." Aeroflot operates two flights a day from Moscow to Bangkok. Thailand is a top destination for Russian tourists, with many visiting the country's beach resorts.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Best Places To Get Off Parking Fine Revealed

It is unlikely you will ever feel lucky when you get a parking ticket. But a new study has revealed how living or working in a particular part of the country may mean you have a greater chance of getting off.

It shows Runneymede Borough Council accepted just 9% of challenges between January and October 2016, with Staffordshire County Council only marginally more persuadable at 10%.

Meanwhile, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council were much more amenable, waiving more than 95% of fines. Parking wardens 'told to target the elderly' The results indicated regional variations, too.

In Berkshire, drivers in Slough (23%) were nearly three times less likely to get off a penalty than in Bracknell Forest (64%), situated half-an-hour away.

In Medway, Kent, motorists were half as likely to have their parking ticket cancelled (32%) than in neighbouring Swale, where 71% of appeals were accepted. On average, 38% of challenges to on-street fines made to local councils in England during the 10-month period were successful. The data was obtained by the Press Association, which received 98 replies to Freedom of Information requests.
Do you HAVE to pay Parking Charge Notices? The law and your rights explained Guy Anker, managing editor at, said: "We hear so many stories from motorists who are victims of overzealous parking wardens. "Often the real problem is really poor, terrible signing. People are often completely bamboozled. Can I park here or can I not?" Mr Anker added that after having a challenge rejected, about half of drivers who make a further appeal to the independent Traffic Penalty Tribunal are successful.

A spokeswoman for Runnymede Council said: "The statistics provided relate to street matters only which often refer to yellow lines and dropped kerbs. "This therefore means there aren't very often cases which are open to much ambiguity. We use our own staff to carry out enforcement, who are experienced and well trained in the role and therefore only issue notices where necessary."

How to save money on parking Basingstoke and Deane councillor Simon Bound said: "We take a pragmatic approach to enforcement which means that we see a very low number of formal appeals and we will consider each case carefully, taking into account individual circumstances. "Parking enforcement is a means of educating, not punishing motorists."

The five councils which accepted the fewest challenges were:
  1. Runnymede - 93 challenges out of 1,011 (9.2%) 
  2. Staffordshire - 478 challenges out of 4,606 (10.4%)
  3. Sefton - 650 challenges out of 4,832 (13.5%)
  4. Peterborough - 410 challenges out of 2,784 (14.7%)
  5. Greenwich - 1,018 challenges out of 5,909 (17.2%) 
The five councils which accepted the most challenges were:
  1. Basingstoke and Deane - 540 challenges out of 566 (95.4%)
  2. Waveney - 164 challenges out of 226 (72.6%)
  3. South Tyneside - 1,474 challenges out of 2,074 (71.1%)
  4. Swale - 3,342 challenges out of 4,721 (70.8%)
  5. Mole Valley - 144 out of 224 challenges (64.3%)